Bible Study

There are a number of Bible Study Groups in the Parish.

Please telephone the  appropriate number if you are interested in joining.


Wednesday evenings and Friday afternoons


These are two separate groups following the same course of study with time for prayer and fellowship. St Athanasius once wrote “most of Scripture speaks to us, while the Psalms speak for us”. In our series this session we will be studying a selection of Psalms reflecting our feelings, emotions and needs. In them we can find appropriate words to tell the Lord exactly what is going on in our lives.


The groups meet together twice a year, in early December for an

Advent/Christmas reflection and in late June for a House Communion.


The Wednesday evening group meets at 8.00 p.m. at 26 Ridgeway,

Sherborne (Ann and David Smart)


The Friday afternoon group meets at 2.30 p.m. at 2 Raleigh Court,

Sherborne (Jackie Bullen)


Further details from David Smart on 01935 813147



St Paul’s Bible Study Groups

Other St Paul’s Bible/Life Groups

For details of other groups run by members of St Paul’s Church, please contact Revd Jono Tregale (01935 815820).